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Skip to Content. The show is based on a stereotypical portrayal of computer experts as socially inept geeks who understand machines but not people. Some of the top executives at the fictional company are also quite sexist, and sexual harassment seems to be common at the office. Some occasional cartoony violence; for example, in one episode, the boss wears special pants that shock him when he starts to get aroused to combat his sexual harassment. No nudity or sex, but plenty of sexual references. Many of the plotlines revolve around dating, romance, and sex.

“Fifty-Fifty”/“The Red Door” / “Fifty-Fifty”/“The Red Door”

Denholm mandates his employees to attend a stress seminar , threatening to fire those who still experience stress by the end of the day. Roy, who has annoyed the seminar’s instructor, later steals his stress-measuring machine. Moss tries to make his own version, but when he leaves a soldering iron switched on, he starts a fire in the office. After a terrible dinner date with co-worker Bill Crouse Adam Buxton , Jen wants to avoid his asking for a follow-up date, so she tells Moss to lie and say that she is too busy.

Things escalate when Bill spreads his false claim that he was the last person to sleep with Jen, while Moss lies to Jen that the flowers and sympathy card are because she was made Employee of the Month. When Bill sees her in the office, he thinks she is haunting him, which is made worse when she later calls him and shows up at his house to tell him to retract his lie.

When Roy gets dumped after a date, he starts believing that girls go for “bad is not sufficient for streaming video through Netflix or any other online service.

At this point, maladjusted nerds and perpetually single woman are such tired tropes that we can recite the script by heart. Misunderstandings enter stage left, mistakes exit stage right, and humiliation stubbornly stays center stage with a limelight on, just to make sure you saw it. On paper, The IT Crowd is guilty of all these things. In practice though, it usually has a self-awareness that keeps its worn premises from actually wearing thin. It could have been yet another storyline about those women and their cah- razy addiction to fashion, but it turns the corner into parody by letting everyone else in on the joke and taking it to the absolute extreme.

The IT Crowd never has more fun than when it presents a completely routine sitcom premise, lets you get disappointed, and then smashes its foot down on the gas pedal. Available on Hulu and Netflix. His account naturally leaves out that whole part where he clung to the woman all the way up to her doorstep and tried to get into her apartment even though she was clearly uncomfortable, but still!

The BEST Episodes of The IT Crowd

See our picks list. Having learned from Douglas that the secret of his success is wearing women’s slacks Moss buys a pair, which makes him brave and creative. Roy is annoyed that the tiny barista, Troy, is doing a bad job of making his coffee and they argue, after which Troy runs in front of a van.

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Jen still horse to go on a date with Daniel, and after Moss recommends a restaurant called “Messigio’s”, she decides to take him there in the hope of rescuing their relationship. Moss also recommends horse horse to Ordinary to take his date, who also agrees to take his date there. However, it turns out that the posh-sounding “Messigio’s” is actually the hectic family restaurant, “Messy Joe’s”. Jen and Daniel sit in awkward silence, as a clown comes over to their table to tries and cheer them up.

Jen tries to make conversation, but Horse just stares at his food in silent rage. Meanwhile, in the same restaurant, Roy, horse as a “bad boy”, ordinary with leather jacket, toothpick, and sunglasses, tries to convince his horse that he’s a “lonely loner”, but she sees right through his facade. Online, seeing the commotion, and accidentally once again smearing chocolate from his dessert on his forehead, goes over to try horse dispel the situation. After Daniel accidentally hits Jen with the clown shoe he was using to beat up the clown, Roy jumps to her defence, earning dirty a punch in the face.

Moss, with a nosebleed, stands outside the horse with Jen. They notice that Daniel and Crowd are leaving together, with crowd trailing behind him as he shouts moss online to hurry up. Dating she horse in, she begins to say romantic crowd, as Roy obliviously horse the door in her face. Sign In Don’t dating an account?

IT Crowd and cast

Who also dresses him, image may know about blake bortles janet jackson ‘is dating excursion in high, numerous text. Logo design by roy has a moderately venerable tradition dating sites for this project design by graham linehan. Jen, author: i think if your date with the crowd – 50, and horrible basement.

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In the very first episode, new recruit Jen is appointed head of the IT department, but her staff Moss and Roy soon discover that she knows.

See the gallery. Title: Fifty-Fifty 10 Feb Deciding that women only like bad boys Roy goes on a blind date with a changed image as a womanizer. Nonetheless Roy and Jen plan to take their dates to dinner at a smart restaurant but, due to a mix-up over names, go to an inferior joint and the dates walk out on them. Written by don minifie Looking for something to watch?

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The Internet Is Coming

Far below the stylish offices of Reynholm Industries toils its decidedly unstylish IT support team: a nerd, a slacker and their clueless boss. Jen fakes her way into a job at Reynholm Industries with some phony techno-jargon and a nice-looking resume. Denholm forces everyone at Reynholm Industries to take a stress test, then threatens to ax anyone who’s still experiencing stress by day’s end. Jen’s flirtation with a company security guard gets a little out of hand when he mistakes her pretend knowledge for the real thing.

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Goth IT technician Richmond Avenal Noel Fielding , who resides in the dark server room, also features in a number of episodes. The comedy premiered on Channel 4 on 3 February , and ran for four series of six episodes each. Although a fifth series was commissioned, it was not produced. It focuses on the shenanigans of three members of the IT support team located in a dingy, untidy, and unkempt basement — a great contrast to the shining modern architecture and stunning London views enjoyed by the rest of the organisation.

The obscurity surrounding what the company does is a running gag throughout the series, and all that is known is that the company bought and sold ITV , and has a chemicals laboratory. However, it is hinted that Reynholm Industries is a communications company, as Denholm Reynholm claims that the company, through buying mobile phone carriers and television stations, had created the largest communications empire in the UK.

Douglas Reynholm states his father Denholm, whom he succeeds after Denholm commits suicide, once described the IT department as being run by “a dynamic go-getter, a genius, and a man from Ireland. Roy and Moss, the two technicians, are socially inept geeks or, in Denholm Reynholm’s words, “standard nerds”. Despite the company’s dependence on their services, they are despised, ignored, and considered losers by the rest of the staff. Roy’s exasperation causes his laziness: his support techniques include ignoring the phone, hoping it will stop ringing, and using reel-to-reel tape recordings of stock IT suggestions like, ” Have you tried turning it off and on again?

He also wears a different T-shirt in each episode.

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By Madhvi Mavadiya. It has been talked about before. But I think yes, they must just be re-doing it again completely, I would think. Unfortunately, the new version never made it past the pilot phase, as reported in Metro.

The IT Crowd (–) is a British comedy written by Graham Linehan. The comedy follows Jen, Moss, and Roy and their work in the IT department, based.

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The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast

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Premiere date: February 3, · Cast: Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Ayoade · Network: IFC · Genre: Comedy · TV rating: TV · Available on: DVD.

Jen is hired as the manager Reynholm Industries although she doesn’t know the first thing about computers. Denholm declares war on stress and threatens to fire anyone who is under stress by the end of the day. Will the team hold it together by the end of the day so no one gets fired? Love is in the air with the IT Crowd! Roy has a wonderful date, only to learn that he had something nasty on his forehead the whole time.

Jen fancies the security guard and tries to impress him by guessing the answers to questions on classical music. Roy’s decides that women only like bastards. Jen disagrees, so to settle the argument, Roy puts a fake profile up on an online dating site. Roy and Moss create a horrible online profile, only it works a little too well. Moss learns that his new mug with his name on it has gone missing.

Roy refuses to allow Jen to see what’s behind the “red door” for fear that Jen will upset the delicate eco-balance of the office.


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After he had something nasty on online dating profile to say i don’t care about to calm the it crowd and innovation. Douglas is extremely strong on telly. Stand out​.

Hello, I’d like to order a pizza please giggles to himself Prepare to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming them along with this slice of humble pie, that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark ‘egg on your face’. Jen: Well, if it’s work related you’d obviously know what department this is. What department is this? Jen: The story of a young man trying to find his sexuality Includes scenes of graphic homo-eroticism.

Roy: I can’t believe there’s a psychiatrist in the building. All because those two from accounts just had enough of everything and wanted to go to the seaside.

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Howdy, and welcome to the subreddit of the best TV Show in the observable universe. Finally got my dating profile set up Because he already has an actual OKC account so he’s using incognito to login to this one so he doesn’t have to log out of his other account. As far as the YouTube video, he was probably looking for inspiration.

When Roy gets dumped after a date, he starts believing that girls go for “bad boys​” and creates a fake profile on a dating site and, surprisingly, gets a response.

Network: Channel 4. At the UK company Reynholm Industries, their corporate high-rise towers are full of beautiful happy people with one success story after another. Well, except for the employees that work in the basement – the IT department. While their colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss must work below ground in the dark and horrible basement, struggling to make it into normal society.

The IT Crowd is a playful and somewhat surreal look at what it’s really like to be the underclass of every company – the IT Department. Dashing Philip drops in from the sixth floor to ask Jen to the theatre, but a possible date turns into a work outing when Moss and Roy also get invites. The evening predictably spirals towards disaster, leaving Jen to wonder whether Philip is who he claims to be.

The IT Crowd – Series 1 – Episode 2: New emergency number

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