19th Century Antique Games Table


Create account. Antique tables are highly valued among furniture buyers and antique collectors. Tables, like chairs, are one of the oldest pieces of furniture known to man. They come in various styles that also determine their use — either functional or aesthetic. If you have inherited an antique table and wish to sell it, you must consult an expert regarding its value. But to give you an idea on how value is determined, you can learn about which factors affect its valuation.

Identifying Antique Furniture

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A Manantongo Treasure Chest · A Mysterious Halloween Antiques Story · A New Lovejoy on Tea Tables · Mars and “Money” Jordan on Basketball Collectibles Screws were occasionally used in furniture pre-dating the beginning of the.

Furniture Care Kit 18th century furniture 19th century furniture Georgian furniture Regency furniture Victorian furniture Edwardian furniture. First Look. Join our monthly newsletter to see new stock before anyone else One email a month and nothing else! Georgian furniture We specialise in Georgian antique furniture. Below you will find a big selection of Georgian furniture dating from c.

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Antique Library Tables and Antique Writing Tables

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a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating.

If you suspect your piece is pre, like these early s antiques, consult an expert — do not refinish. If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. Here are some general guidelines to assessing the age and quality of your piece. But keep in mind that there are lots of exceptions to these rules, so err on the side of caution.

Hand-cut dovetails can date an older American piece to before , although hobbyists and specialty makers still use them. Hand dovetails are slightly irregular and the pins are thin and tapered. Wider, uniform machine-cut dovetails were common in factory-made pieces from until the modern era. Hand dovetails pictured below, top piece are slightly irregular and the pins are thin and tapered. Wider, uniform machine-cut dovetails pictured below, bottom piece were common in factory-made pieces from until the modern era.

Photo by: Scott E.

How to Tell the Age of Antique Furniture

This 18th century writing table has Masonic associations. The top left hand drawer is stamped with a symbol of a compass and set square. This high quality writing table or bureau plat is made from well-figured mahogany. It has a beautiful break-front outline all around with panelling and superb ormolu mounts.

Genuine Antique Tables for sale from trusted antique dealers. A nice solid oak farmhouse refectory dining table, dating to the mid 19th Century and French.

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Antique & Reclaimed Tables

Antique pedestal tables were first seen in the Early 18th Century in the form of a tripod table, used to hold candles. Antique Pedestal Tables for dining were high in fashion at the end of the 18th Century when people moved away from the traditional long solid table to the more finer design standing on a single or twin pedestal base.

These fine tables would stand wonderfully on turned pillars with tripod splayed legs and quality brass castors. This form was used on dining tables to much smaller occasional tables from the Late Georgian period to the Regency and Victorian eras.

Antique Tables. Wide and Eclectic collection of fine Antique Tables dating from the 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century period. Browse our.

When it comes to identifying antique furniture, there are certain characteristics of style and methods of construction that help in distinguishing original pieces from reproductions and fakes. The identification of antique furniture is a subject that covers a very broad area. It is also a subject that can seem overwhelming and confusing to someone with a new interest in antique furniture.

However, learning a few basic tips and tricks used by experienced antique collectors and dealers will give even a novice collector the general knowledge needed to identify a piece of antique furniture. There are several things to look for when examining a piece of furniture that help to identify it as an antique. Your Antique Furniture Guide is an invaluable resource for antique identification.

Included on the website are:. A website for anyone interested in various aspects of antiques, I Antique Online , includes:. It is also important to become familiar with the furniture styles of the different periods and eras.

Antique Perpetual Date Calendar

When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, the best place to look is the family storeroom: Check the attic, basement, garage, or wherever unwanted furniture has collected. You may also discover a real antique or two — pieces handed down through the family for generations. Other good sources are secondhand stores, household auctions, and garage sales. With furniture, as with anything else, one person’s junk is another another’s treasure.

A small, beautiful but practical piece that can be set to your wedding date brings vintage charm to your entry table or guest table. Guests will see this and think.

All the games accessories: the pawns, the chessmen, the dice, even the roulette ball are made of precious high quality material. The counters are metallic, gold plated. The chess and backgammon boards are made of fine leather, inset into the underside of the lid. He produced his first playing cards in and over the years came to be recognised as the inventor of the modern English playing card. In the company started printing postage stamps and in banknotes.

In , the family partnership was converted into a private company. In , the de la Rue family sold their interests. He seems to have remained in their employ until The Goodall business was first established in Soho in , printing playing cards and message cards. Fifty years later Goodall and Son were leading the market with annual production of over 2 million packs. The new company kept the De La Rue name but the Goodall identifiers continued to be used for decades.

The playing tops are usually covered with cloth or green baize.


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